Hormone Restoration


Our practice philosophy stems from a comprehensive approach to well-being that can only be achieved if several vital components of health are addressed concurrently.  In this way, we can restore optimal cellular and metabolic function, replace vital micro-nutrients and correct hormonal imbalances.

We take the time to individualize our therapeutic plans for each patient, based on their history, clinical signs and laboratory tests--treating the patient rather than merely their symptoms.  Hormones work in concert, as a symphony, influencing each other to restore health and alleviate problems associated with the natural process of aging.  The intricate endocrine network must be in balance.  In order for hormone replacement therapy to be effective, optimal levels of micro-nutrients and vitamins are essential; in their supportive role, they allow hormones to function properly.  Our individualized care provides you with a personal path to achieve those optimal levels of hormones and nutrients, sustained through eliminating toxins and using stress-reducing techniques in an integrative approach to attain good health and well being.



Who is Dr. Klesaris?

Dr. Mary-Laura Klesaris, founder and Medical Director of Emelle Restorative Medicine, is board-certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Physicians and Surgeons. She has 20 years of experience in Internal Medicine, as well as extensive post-graduate training in age management...



  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

  • Micronutrient analysis and vitamin supplementation

  • Individualized weight loss programs and functional nutrition assessment

  • Toxin exposure assessment

  • Techniques in relaxation and meditation using heart variability

  • Microbiome /gut health assessment and treatment

emelle 5 five point LETTER  2.jpg

5 Point Restorative Approach

  • Measure and optimize hormone levels

  • Assess nutrition status -specific vitamins and nutrients are needed to support and activate hormones

  • Assess exposure to toxins, heavy metals and plastics and optimize the body's pH

  • Balance the mind by addressing subconscious and conscious -mindfulness

  • Focus on the body -muscles, lymphatics, bones, blood vessels