Tom K.,
Brooklyn, NY

“I’ve known Dr. Klesaris for about seven years, but only recently came to her newly opened practice, Emèlle, expecting great results because of my past experience with her.

What I didn’t know is that the results would be superior to my expectations.  I’ve only been seeing her for six weeks, and already, I am now active as opposed to passive.  I’ve lost 22 pounds.  In general, I feel better than I have for the last twenty years of my life.

Dr. Klesaris is a special type of MD.  She’s incredibly accessible.  She spends time listening.  What she cares about most is you, and as a result, she targets her treatment to your needs—both mind and body.”

Robbie D., Brooklyn, NY


I came to Dr Klesaris for treatment after being diagnosed with smoldering myeloma - a pre cancerous condition leading to multiple myeloma . After seeing an oncologist who told me there is nothing I can do to change the course of the cancer, I sought another opinion.
The next doctor told me "It's the luck of the draw "- and to come back every two months for blood work until I have full blown cancer. I was also suffering from out of control diabetes at the time.

Dr . Klesaris encouraged me to find a new oncologist.
With her help, I changed my diet and eating habits, and took daily supplements and vitamins from MD Prescriptives that she had prescribed.
Six months later, when my  oncologist reviewed my labs, she said "I don't know what you are doing, but keep dong it". My labs have improved dramatically and my blood sugar is now stable.
I have also lost 30 pounds. I am so happy I found Dr Klesaris when I did. She is a compassionate doctor who helped me take control of my health.